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What do you offer?

We currently offer full day and half day fishing tours. A full day tour is typically about 8 hours in length beginning at 8am. Pricing is $250 per person or $100 for children under 12. A half day tour is four hours long, begins at 8am or 2pm, and costs $125 per person or $50 per child under 12. Lunch will be provided for full day tours.

Please click here to start the booking process!

What will we be fishing for?

This is a tricky question to answer, but see this page for an in-depth explanation of the different target species and their typical run times!

What do I do with the fish I catch?

We are happy to help you process and vacuum seal anything you catch. What you do with them after that is up to you! There are many businesses throughout the state that offer shipping for your big catch!

What should I wear?

We will provide rain pants, jackets, and rubber boots, but its always a good idea to bring some layers to wear underneath our provided gear to make sure you stay comfy as temperatures change.

Do we get to keep what we catch?

For the most part, yes! Retention of King Salmon is currently prohibited, but there are many species of fish that you can absolutely keep.

Where is Trapper Creek?

Trapper Creek is located 120 miles north of Anchorage on the Parks Highway (AK-3). We offer transportation from any lodging within a 15 mile radius of Trapper Creek. If you need lodging in the area, we partner with Alaska's Northland Inn.

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